• Professional Science Master's Coordinator
  • Associate Professor of Instruction, Dept. Biology

Biography/Research Interests

Seema Freer is an Associate Professor (T/I) and Coordinator of the Professional Science Master's Programs (PSM) in the Department of Biology. The PSM programs create an alternative career path for STEM majors who are seeking pathways to launch their own start-up or find positions in the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Seema has been involved with the PSM programs since its inception in Biology. Together with the individual Steering Committees of each PSM program, Seema oversees program development and student professional advancement through internships and job placements. Seema has taught various undergraduate Biology laboratories since 2001 when she joined the department as one of the first adjuncts. Currently Seema co-administers the Capstone Research Experience (Biol 9995) for PSM in Biotechnology, and teaches the following Professional Science Master's graduate courses: Ethics and Policy in Biotechnology (Biol 5505), Ethics in Bioinformatics (Biol 5511) and Professional Development (Biol 5506).