Curriculum Overview

Evening classes. One and one-half to two year sequence.

The Temple University Bioinformatics & Bio Data Science Masters Degree Program is conducted on campus, with classes taught in the evening and in the later afternoon. Temple University's main campus is easily accessible by public transportation.

The Program has been designed to provide students with extensive skills in computer programming as well as deep knowledge in one or more related fields in Bioinformatics or Biological Data Science.

Two Tracks: Bioinformatics and Biological Data science:

Students may choose an emphasis in either Bioinformatics or Biological Data Science. Students choosing Bioinformatics will take two advanced courses in Genomics and Structural Bioinformatics. Students choosing Biological Data science will take two advanced courses in statistical analysis and machine learning. Students may also choose to take a mixture of courses from both tracks, as well as to use their elective options to take courses in either track.

As a Professional Science Masters, the program will also provide:

  • Professional skills through courses in professional development
  • A research internship in a biotech company or other research center
  • Connections to key employers in the Philadelphia area