+1 Accelerated Degree Programs

Accelerated programs provide a pathway for pursuing dual degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s) with the additional benefit to the student of a shorter programs completion time and saving in tuition expenses. Students seeking these opportunities at Temple University should have a demonstrated record of academic excellence, and an expressed interest complete an advanced degree after their Bachelor’s degree.

The PSM program in Bioinformatics can be completed through the +1 accelerated pathway if student meets qualifications to enter this program in the junior year of their course of study.

Eligibility requirements for undergraduates:

  1. Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25 in at least 45 credits of coursework taken at Temple;
  2. Provide two letters of recommendation from full-time faculty to support the student’s admission into the 4+1 program;
  3. Must have at least 12 credits of Science or General electives, as suggested in the academic plan for specific degree programs in the grids below;
  4. Should apply in the spring of their sophomore year for the following fall;
  5. Should be able to complete their undergraduate degree in four full-time semesters (beginningwith their first semester taking a graduate course as an undergraduate); and
  6. Should be able to complete the graduate degree in one additional year, which follows directly after graduating from the undergraduate degree.