PSM Bioinformatics
& Bio Data Science Features

  • Interdisciplinary approach involving scientists from across Temple University.
  • Classes taught by our esteemed tenure and tenure-track faculty as well as by our industry and government partners.
  • Hands-on training in professional and management skills.
  • A two-year plan for program completion.
  • Partnerships with industry and government leaders including a diverse and active External Advisory Board.

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  • Access to real-world independent research projects.
  • Applied focus on responsibility and ethics in research and policy.
  • Accelerated +1 dual Bachelor's + Master's degree option for Temple undergraduates. See Curriculum/+1 Accelerated Programs.
  • 3+2 dual Bachelor's + Master's degree option for students at select international universities. See Curriculum/3+2 Global Programs.

What are Bioinformatics and Biological Data Science?

Bioinformatics is the sciencce that happens when computers are joined with the latest discoveries in genomics, biochemistry and biophysics. It is a rapidly growing field that brings together elements of biology chemistry, computer science, physics, and statistics.

Biological Data Science involves the analysis of biological data, including visualization, machine learning and statistical inference

Bioinformatics and Biological Data Science are related fields, and both are experiencing rapid job growth. Both fields are essential parts of healthcare and biotechnology research.

What is a Professional Science Master's?

A Professional Science Master's Degree is a unique Master's degree with a dual emphasis on science training and professional development. It is designed specifically to prepare students to move directly from school or another career into a new career.

The Temple PSM in Bioinformatics has been designed for recent graduates and professionals who have a bachelor's degree of equivalent in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).